Meridian 33 is here!

Friends, enemies, and frenemies: we did it. Meridian 33 is finished. This is a monster issue and we on the editorial staff are so very proud of all 175 pages of excellent content stuffed between its covers. You can read the entire issue on our website for free, and ePubs and print copies will be available very … More Meridian 33 is here!

Contributor Roundup

We haven’t had a new post on the Meridian editors’ blog in quite a while. Is it because of the blood moon? Or maybe it’s becuase we’ve been working our tuchuses off on the new issue. Probably the blood moon… Our contributors have been working their tuchuses off, too, and poems and stories from Meridian writers have been … More Contributor Roundup

Green Mountains Review

Green Mountains Review Vol. 26 No. 2 includes quite a few Meridian poets, both past and present! The issue features poems from Denise Duhamel, whose work appeared way back in Meridian 6, Bob Hicok  of Meridian 22, and Doug Ramspeck of Meridian 29. Additionally, GMR presents poetry from  Alexandra Teague, who has two poems in our current issue–“Gypsies” and “Ballerinas”. If you’re intrigued by … More Green Mountains Review

Contributor Roundup

Have you seen the latest 32 Poems? Meridian 26 poet Christopher Kondrich has work in the print journal, while Meridian 29 contributor Doug Ramspeck has a poem called “How Humans Came to Love”available to read online. And speaking of Doug Ramspeck, he also has a story in the Fall 2013 issue of Cottonwood. A yearly publication out of the University of Kansas, Cottonwood is … More Contributor Roundup

Spoon River Poetry Review 38.1

While we’re waiting for the Winter 2014 edition of Spoon River Poetry Review, let’s take a look at a few Meridian poets whose work appears in the Summer 2013 issue. Clayton Adam Clark, whose poem “Warehouse Staining” appears in fresh-off-the-presses Meridian 32, has a poem called “Wind Farm” featured in Spoon River, which you can read in its entirety via the journal’s website. … More Spoon River Poetry Review 38.1

Four(!) Meridian Poets in the Latest Greensboro Review

Greensboro Review No. 94 just arrived in the Meridian mailbox, and it features work by multiple Meridian poets, including a poem called “October Mud” from Doug Ramspeck, whose “Untitled Love” appeared in Meridian 29. You can (re)read “Untitled Love” on our website (“Or say we made ashes of this bed…”). Greensboro‘s pages also include the poem “Dido in Winter” by … More Four(!) Meridian Poets in the Latest Greensboro Review