Meridian Writers in Issue 35 of Passages North

The latest issue of Passages North is a hefty one, and it includes work from quite a few former Meridian writers within its brick-like body. It features a nonfiction piece by Monica Berlin entitled “Still, Rivers,” which you can read in full online. Our most recent issue, Meridian 32, ends with a poem written by Monica Berlin in collaboration with … More Meridian Writers in Issue 35 of Passages North

Green Mountains Review

Green Mountains Review Vol. 26 No. 2 includes quite a few Meridian poets, both past and present! The issue features poems from Denise Duhamel, whose work appeared way back in Meridian 6, Bob Hicok  of Meridian 22, and Doug Ramspeck of Meridian 29. Additionally, GMR presents poetry from  Alexandra Teague, who has two poems in our current issue–“Gypsies” and “Ballerinas”. If you’re intrigued by … More Green Mountains Review

Birdfeast 9

Birdfeast, a beautiful online magazine of poetry that released its first issue in 2012, recently posted its ninth, which includes work from three Meridian poets! Jane Wong, who won our 2013 Editors’ Prize Contest Winner for her crown of sonnets “Crown of Light,” has a poem called “Thaw” appearing . Her language is always so lovely and spare. … More Birdfeast 9