Friday Schedule // Meridian Contributors at AWP 2014

Below you’ll find the second day of the Meridian guide to AWP 2014. All of the panels listed include at least one participant who is a former Meridian writer or editor; those names are bolded. Friday 9:00 am to 10:15 amRoom 3A, Washington State Convention Center, Level 3 F111. The New Translation: Writing through Rewriting. (Joe Milutis,  Paul Legault,  Craig … More Friday Schedule // Meridian Contributors at AWP 2014

Green Mountains Review

Green Mountains Review Vol. 26 No. 2 includes quite a few Meridian poets, both past and present! The issue features poems from Denise Duhamel, whose work appeared way back in Meridian 6, Bob Hicok  of Meridian 22, and Doug Ramspeck of Meridian 29. Additionally, GMR presents poetry from  Alexandra Teague, who has two poems in our current issue–“Gypsies” and “Ballerinas”. If you’re intrigued by … More Green Mountains Review

Meridian Poets in Mid-American Review

Remember Claudia Cortese’s “Lucy” poems? We published “Lucy lives in a box” in Meridian 29, back in 2012, then in November, I highlighted three new “Lucy” poems appearing in Blackbird. Well, if you’re wondering what Claudia has to offer beyond little miss Lucy, check out her piece “The Red Essay” in Volume XXXIV, Number 1 of Mid-American Review. MAR categorizes “The Red Essay”–an … More Meridian Poets in Mid-American Review