Issue 36 is Online!


Dear readers,

We are pleased to announce that Issue 36 of Meridian is now available to read in its entirety over at our website.

Inside, you’ll find some of the best writing we’ve come across in recent memory, from Aimee Mepham’s mind-invading story “Raving Ones” to an incredible, visceral poem by Chad Temples called “Cantaloupe.” (Favorite lines: “The trees are a confiscation; // there is no clement hum. / Wind, supposed to soften the spines, / walks around me like a businessman.”) Only have a minute or two? Check out the winner and runners-up of our flash fiction contest.

Or perhaps you are wondering about that excellent cover (if we do say so ourselves)? The image was created by artist and writer Madeline Gobbo. She’s pretty great.

Favorite fun fact about this issue: the very first line is, ahem, dirty.

The issue will be mailed off to subscribers and contributors soon, but for now, please peruse through your screen to your heart’s content.

And hey, you still have a few days to submit your story or poem to our 2016 Editors’ Prizes, and get yourself in our very next issue. Do it. Do it now.

Love love love,

the Editors


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