The most recent AGNI features work from four Meridian poets, each of whom has two poems in the BU journal. Rebecca Black, whose “Andersonville Prison” and “The Library” appeared in our January issue, contributes the poems “Arana Gulch” and “The Bear” to AGNI 79.

The issue also includes the poems “Blacksnake” and “A Paper Hive Earns No Quarter” by Adam Houle; we featured his poem “What’s New for the Incunabulist” in Meridian 24.

Nance Van Winckel’s poems “Tidings, Good Ones” and “A Walk Among the Yachts” also appear. We included four of her poems—“Sky One,” “Fifth Sky,”  “The Sky at Dusk,” and “The Dog Who Gets to Ride in the Car”—in Meridian 18.

Finally, Kevin Prufer contributes the poems “Giving It Back” and “Monkey Lab” to this latest AGNI. His poem “This Was the Model to Which I Held” appeared way back in Meridian 6. And if you’re a Kevin Prufer fan, be sure to check out Jen Fitzgerald’s interview with him for New Books in Poetry about his most recent collection, Churches. New Books in Poetry is a podcast, so this is an audio interview, which you’ll find at the bottom of the page after Jen’s brief written introduction.

Grab a copy of AGNI 79 to read the work of these talented poets.


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