Five Meridian Writers in the Latest Blackbird

Virginia is a fairly small state, in terms of geography and populations, but it is home to six Creative Writing MFA programs. Of these, Virginia Commonwealth University is our closest neighbor, residing in Richmond, an artistically rich and historically fascinating city. Unsurprisingly, our Richmond neighbors curate one of our favorite online literary magazines, Blackbird. The first issue of their 13th volume was published on May 1, and crushed under the pile of proofs for the latest Meridian issue, I’m just now getting around to reading it—and thrilled to see how many former (and current!) Meridian contributors.

Andrew Kozma, whose poem “Halloween” appears in our current issue and whose poem “Gathering of Animals” appeared in Meridian 13, has two poems in the new Blackbird: “And Here It Seems the Author Died” and “Huge Piece of Building.”

Melissa Barrett has two poems in Meridian 33—“Homesick” and “Mock Chlorophyll”—and another pair in Blackbird, titled “Everyone Here Is a Tourist” and “Your Virtue Unswerving, But Miles from Any Mark.”

Meridian published C. Dale Young’s poem “Homage to William Carlos Williams”  back in our fourth issue. Fast-forward fifteen years, and you can read his short story “The Fortunate” in Blackbird.

Ron Wallace was another contributor in our early years; his poem “World Without End” appeared in Meridian 3, and he has four new ones—“Bellwether,” “The House Always Wins,” “Misanthropic,” and “The Raptur“—also in the VCU journal.

Finally, Meridian 13 included the poem “Lengthening” by F. Daniel Rzicznek, and he has five pieces featured in this latest Blackbird: “Of Earth,” “Of Current,” “Of Hardship,” “Of Opposites,” and “Of Religion.”

Make sure to check out the other excellent content, such as “The Dimensions of the Anomaly,” a short story by the luminous Adrienne Celt, my coworker at VIDA and a damn fine writer, if I do say so.

Blackbird continually publishes excellent content, and we at Meridian so enjoy seeing writers we’ve featured get love elsewhere.


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