Contributor Roundup

We haven’t had a new post on the Meridian editors’ blog in quite a while. Is it because of the blood moon? Or maybe it’s becuase we’ve been working our tuchuses off on the new issue. Probably the blood moon…

Our contributors have been working their tuchuses off, too, and poems and stories from Meridian writers have been popping up in recent issues of all kinds of journals.

Hayden's Ferry Review literary journal writing

The new Hayden’s Ferry Review includes poetry from Jane Wong (2013 Editors’ Prize Winner and Meridian 31 contributor), Monica Berlin and Beth Marzoni (Meridian 32), Doug Ramspeck (Meridian 29 and the upcoming Meridian 33!), and Darin Ciccotelli (Meridian 14). Also, the cover is gorgeous.

Rhino Poetry 2014 features more work from Doug Ramspeck, as well as a poem from Megan Pugh (Meridian 31), whose “Leroy Kept Bees” appeared in our pages last spring.

Clayton Adam Clark (Meridian 32) has a poem called “The Meramec” in Bayou Magazine 60. According to their website, issue 61 is the most recent, but issue 60 just arrived in our mailbox this month, so I think it counts as recent.

The Greensboro Review 95 features a story from Earle McCartney, whose “Warren and Mercer” will appear in our spring issue. 

Rochelle Hurt (Meridian 29) won the Tupelo Review‘s poetry contest. You can find her winning poem “The Humility of St. Teresa of Ávila on their website along with the rest of their third issue, which also includes the poem “Reel” from Dan Albergotti (Meridian 14).

And I bet I’ll see another Meridian writer in the next lit journal I open…


One thought on “Contributor Roundup

  1. Hey, Meridian! Issue 60 is Bayou’s most recent issue. Issue 61 is currently available for pre-order, and we should have it back from the printers in late May.Congrats to your contributors!.

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