First Poetry Collection from Rachel Mennies

Rachel Mennies poet

We are always excited to see the debut books from writers we have published, and Rachel Mennies’s first full-length collection of poetry has just been released! The Glad Hand of God Points Backwards received the Walt MacDonald First Book Prize and is now available from Texas Tech University Press.

Two poems of the poems in the collection, “How to Make Yourself Remembered” and “Yahrzeit,” appeared in Meridian 25, and we are thrilled to have been among the publications that showcased Rachel’s work as this collection was coming to fruition.

About the book, Robin Becker says, “Beautifully crafted, these poems enjoin compassion and wit, experimental and formal designs, telling “the truth/and the lies together.” This astonishing debut brings a marvelous voice to American letters.”

You can read more about The Glad Hand on Rachel Mennies’s website.

Congratulations, Rachel! Tweet your congratulations to her @rmennies.

Glad Hand of God Points Backwards debut poetry collection Rachel Mennies Texas Tech University Press


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