Find Our Writers in the New Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review Vol 30 No 3 & 4 Literary Magzine, photograph of leaves

The Alaska Quarterly Review is one of the old stalwarts of a literary magazine landscape that has new digital journals popping up like flowers once spring’s come to town. (It was over 70 degrees in Virginia on Tuesday! However, a week before it was snowing, so I can’t really speak for the season down here…) We’re excited to see a list of former Meridian contributors whose work the AQR is showcasing in their new issue.

Matthew Gavin Frank, whose poem “Parts of a Feather” appeared in Meridian 18, has a nonfiction piece (deliciously) titled “Peach Pie on Badstreet” in the issue, while Carrie Shipers, of Meridian 19, offers the poems “He Watches the Weather Channel” and “At the Sadness Factory.” Meanwhile, one of our current contributors, Kara van de Graaf, adds the poem “Epithalamium.” (Bonus points to anyone who can define “epithalamium” off the top of your head–no Googling!) We went a bit crazy for her work last fall and included four of her poems in Meridian 32, which you can read in their entirety on our website’s e-reader. Elisabeth Murawski’s poem “Against the Wind” also appears; we featured her poetry back in the day, in issues 4 and 10. AQR also includes a poem from Donald Platt called “So Many.” He’s another poet from Meridian‘s early years–“Amazements” appeared in Meridian 11. Sarah M. Brownsberger offers the poems “Galaxias Kyklos” and “Cesarean Section” (and includes a Meridian shoutout in her bio! Hi Sarah!), while Elizabeth Bradfield contributes “Deliquescence: A Meditation in Seven Parts.” This last poem is the only one available to read in full for free on the AQR website, perhaps in part because Bradfield has collaborated on a video of the poem with artist Demet Taşpinar, which AQR is hosting on its YouTube channel. Inter-genre artistic collaboration for the win! #igacftw! Can we make that hashtag trend? No?

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