New Pleiades

Pleiades Phong Nguyen Wayne Miller Literary journal
Pleiades Vol. 34 No. 1 (2014)

Former Meridian contributor Phong Nguyen currently edits Pleiades alongside another past Meridian writer, Wayne Miller. And it turns out, not only do we like their work, but they like quite a few of the same writers who have filled the pages of Meridian.

In the latest issue of Pleiades, Michael Martone has a short story called “scale,” while Christine Sneed contributes one entitled “59 Ways of Looking at Domesticity.” Some of our favorite Meridian poets are also featured. The issue opens with “The Cannibal’s Song” by Hailey Leithauser, and a bit later, “The Devouring” by Michael Martin Shea appears (I still think about his J. Robert Oppenheimer poems from Meridian 28). Jesse Lee Kercheval contributes two translations of poems by Circe Maia, while Jennifer K. Sweeney has a poem entitled “Tuolumne: Variation on Bear and Moon” which bewitchingly begins,

I will now play this fog as a cello
I will play this dogwood
as a crisis this too granite I will play
my hands as prologue

The issue also includes a special feature, which it describes as a Symposium on Poetic “Risk,” in which a variety of writers each consider the risk-taking of another poet in a specific poem. Victoria Chang writes on Shane McCrae’s “Was Pretty Was Kids,” while Carl Dennis comments on David Wojahn’s “For the Honorable Wayne LaPierre, President, National Rifle Association.”


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