Meridian Writers in Issue 35 of Passages North

Passages North Literary Journal
Passages North 35

The latest issue of Passages North is a hefty one, and it includes work from quite a few former Meridian writers within its brick-like body. It features a nonfiction piece by Monica Berlin entitled “Still, Rivers,” which you can read in full online. Our most recent issue, Meridian 32, ends with a poem written by Monica Berlin in collaboration with Beth Marzoni: “Say Old River & only the locals will pause to call up,” and we enjoy their meditation on the waterways that connect us, a theme they also explore in their jointly written poetry collection No Shape Bends the River So Long.

Passages North 35 also features the work of three Meridian poets, including five poems by Bob Hicok, “In the Event of an Emergency, the Gallons of Gatorade” by Kyle McCord, and “Rise up! Rise up!” by Andrew Kozma. Additionally, Donald Platt contributes a hybrid essay called “Offering Red,” which he has written with Mary Hambleton.

And yet these pieces only make up a small fraction of this expansive issue.


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