Birdfeast 9

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 5.01.09 PM
Cover Art by Linnea Strid

Birdfeast, a beautiful online magazine of poetry that released its first issue in 2012, recently posted its ninth, which includes work from three Meridian poets!

Jane Wong, who won our 2013 Editors’ Prize Contest Winner for her crown of sonnets “Crown of Light,” has a poem called “Thaw” appearing . Her language is always so lovely and spare.

Bob Hicok, who had three poems appear in Meridian 22, back in 2009, had two poems featured in Birdfeast, “Without judgment” and “A prodigal in shitty weather.”

The issue also includes a poem titled “We are Both of Us in Grave Distress” by Kyle McCord, whose poetry appeared in Meridian 29. You can read “Portrait of Satan in Southern Arkansas” on our website. 

Finally, Anthony Opal, of the tiny minimalist Tumblr poems, also has a poem. I’ve included a teaser below. Click through to Birdfeast and enjoy all the poetical goodness.

Explodes the Dream of a Zoo

Above the mule’s head explodes the dream
of a zoo. Whole notes are held in the nude.
I find the myth to explain this is just
a shopping list of prophetic voices


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