Poetry by Brittany Cavallaro and Adam Day in Salt Hill

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.01.07 PM

We’re big fans of the journal Salt Hill here at Meridian. We featured two wonderfully weird poems, “Coyote Takes Water” and “Coyote Takes Fire,” by Salt Hill editor David Wojciechowski in our Winter 2013 issue, and now the latest issue of Salt Hill includes work by two of our favorite Meridian contributors.

Brittany Cavallaro’s poems appeared in issues 26 and 29 of Meridian, while we featured Adam Day in issue 25 and again just last year in Meridian 30. You might remember his strange multi-page poem “Sangsue,” which involved considerable discussion of leeches. Chastening and compelling stuff.

You can read a portion of the new Salt Hill on their website for free(!), including Adam Day’s poem “Orr’s Island,” which appears alongside a stunning drawing by Alexandra MacKenzie. You will, however, need to purchase the full issue to read Cavallaro’s poem “Your Twenties.” That title is, to my mind, wildly promising.

Also, Salt Hill editors Wojciechowski and Erin J. Mullikin have two collaboratively written poems in the eighth issue of Birdfeast Magazine, which you can read online here. Unfortunately, there are no mythic coyotes, though these poems possess a sense of the incantatory. Maybe next time for the coyotes…


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