Four(!) Meridian Poets in the Latest Greensboro Review

Greensboro Review No. 94 just arrived in the Meridian mailbox, and it features work by multiple Meridian poets, including a poem called “October Mud” from Doug Ramspeck, whose “Untitled Love” appeared in Meridian 29. You can (re)read “Untitled Love” on our website (“Or say we made ashes of this bed…”).

Greensboro‘s pages also include the poem “Dido in Winter” by Anne Shaw, whose “Annunciation” and “This Hope” appeared in Meridian 26, as well as “On Autobiography” by G.C. Waldrep, whose “The Vanishing Days” appeared in that same 2011 issue.

This latest Greensboro Review also features an upcoming poetry contributor, Clayton Adam Clark, whose work you will see in Meridian 32, to be released in January. In the meantime, you can read his poem “Nautili” in Greensboro.

Grab a physical copy to enjoy poems by four(!) past Meridian contributors, as well as work by many talented others.


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