Poetry by Lisa Russ Spaar and Angelo Nikolopoulos in TriQuarterly

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.12.25 PM

The luminous Lisa Russ Spaar, a past Meridian contributor & UVA poetry professor extraordinaire, has a new poem in the most recent issue of TriQuarterly. Her poem is titled  “Undressing Myself at the End of Autumn,” and it begins thusly: “Cold makes a candelabra of my lungs / at the opened window, blue on blue / behind an unfurnished attic of trees—”

Poet and UVA MFA alumna Zayne Turner reviewed Lisa Russ Spaar’s most recent collection of poem, Vanitas, Rough, in our Spring 2013 issue. Read that review here, and then go grab the fierce and lovely collection.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 4.52.42 PMThe latest issue of TriQuarterly also features two poems by Meridian 27 contributor Angelo Nikolopoulos. “Trans Amore: Auditions” and “Boy Destroyed: Auditions” are filled with energetic yet painful imagery, “Boys Destroyed: Auditions” communicates that power is at the root of so much eroticism–power, always power–while “Trans Amore: Auditions” reflects on how clothes make the body, and on what bodies we are each making. Both are available in full online.

Kyle McCord, of Meridian 29, also has a poem called “In this Scene, My Copilot and I Crash the Moonbuggy.” Enjoy his new piece at TriQuarterlythen revisit “Portrait of Satan in Southern Arkansas” via our website.

And of course, in true TriQuarterly fashion, you can also listen to an audio recording of each poet reading her or his poems–a real treat.

Finally, there’s fiction from Ron Carlson: a story called “Gray Gumbo.” We featured a story and an essay by Carlson in Meridian 17, and an interview with him will be appearing in the upcoming Meridian 32.


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