Meridian Contributors in Blackbird

Claudia Cortese’s poem “Lucy lives in a box” appeared in Meridian 29. She had several new “Lucy” poems featured in the Spring issue of Blackbird. You can read “Dear Claudia–“ “Lucy,” and “Lucy wraps salmon” on by one or link to all of them here.

The Spring Blackbird also features a poem by Meridian 27 contributor David Wagoner. Enjoy the satirical political rhetoric of “At a Press Conference Concerning the Invasion.”

Meanwhile, in other Blackbird news, Meridian 27 contributor Diane Seuss has three poems in the Fall issue–“Is there still a Betty in this new life?” along with “It Seems Like a Poem Should Smile Wide, with Rotten Teeth” and “We fear the undulant.” You can find those here, and (re)read her poems from Meridian on our website.

I’d also suggest poems by the glorious Michael McGriff, which are in the Fall issue as well.


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