Contributor Highlights

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Sometimes publishing in a literary journal can feel like shouting into the abyss. With so many journals and (seemingly) so few readers, the thrill of publication can be dampened by the anticlimax of having your work presented to the world, only to have the world sigh and turn to back to the latest (controversial!) Miley Cyrus video.

Here at Meridian, though, we get excited when we see work by one of our contributors in another literary magazine, and we want to share that excitement with you, our dear friends and readers. To that end, the editors will be using our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account as platforms for highlighting work from past Meridian contributors that is currently appearing in other journals. We hope that this new venture helps our writers feel more tangibly connected to their audience, and that it build a sense of camaraderie between literary journals. Be friends with us, TriQuarterly! We have a bit of a crush on you…

If you are a Meridian contributor, whether to issue 28 or issue 8, with new work coming out in another publication, please let us know! Send an email to with the subject line “Contributor Highlights,” and include some brief  information about your work in the body of the email. We’re also happy to do shoutouts for book launches and other such impressive accomplishments, so talented writers, send news of your excellence our way and we will do your bragging for you!


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